The editorial board of the journal in their activities adheres to the following transnational principles:

- executes the requirements of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE);

- maintains editorial independence;

- guarantees the quality of published materials;

- systematically carries out work on the development of the journal;

- provides freedom of expression for the authors of materials and reviewers;

- guarantees respect for intellectual property rights;

- encourages and supports scientific honesty and integrity;

- gives preference to materials that meet high intellectual standards, as well as materials containing fundamentally new scientific information;

- informs authors about publication rules and publication requirements;

- provides anonymity in the “author–reviewer” relationship;

- develops recommendations, rules, and forms for reviewing manuscripts;

- develops mechanisms to resolve conflicts of interest, eliminates any conflicts of interest according to the developed mechanism;

- promptly publishes corrections, clarifications, retractions, and apologies when necessary;

- adheres to tolerance in communication.