The Journal Urbis et Orbis. Microhistory and Semiotics of the City is organized as an open interdisciplinary academic platform for discussing theoretical problems related to the urban text and the city as a text and with interdisciplinary studies of the city.


Goals of the Journal: reflection and scientific discussion of current fundamental and applied problems of urban studies, semiotics, macro sociology and anthropology of the city, current theoretical problems related to urban space, cities in literary texts, as well as visual-semiotic and microhistorical studies.


Тasks of the Journal:


- the creation of a unified scientific platform for independent critical and reflexive discussion in line with the current interest in urban studies, identification of the role of visual images of the city and urban space in different discourses of the humanities and social sciences;


- accumulation of theoretical knowledge and experience of leading practitioners in the field of urban research;


- familiarization of all interested parties with new trends in the field of research of the city and urban space;


- providing researchers with the opportunity to publish the results of their research in the field of urbanism and urban space on the example of individual cities;


- providing researchers with an opportunity to speak out on other relevant areas of scientific research related to the journal's topic;


- providing conditions for the formation of an optimal targeted scientific flow of manuscripts of scientific articles and scientific reviews that have maximum relevance and relevance to the journal's subject;


- publications of scientific articles, scientific reviews, informational messages, scientific notes, and short letters about major scientific research and innovations in the field of urbanism, microhistory, macrohistory, and visual and verbal semiotics;


- attracting the attention of the scientific and business community to the problems of urbanism.