Materials for publication in the journal are accepted in electronic format at: [email protected]. The editorial board fulfills the correspondence only with the author(-s) of the submitted material. Publication in Urbis et Orbis. Microhistory and Semiotics of the City is free of charge for all the authors. The journal charges authors neither Article Processing Charge (APC) nor Article Submission Charges (ASC). Honorariums are not paid to authors of the publications.


Terms of Submission:

- the manuscript corresponds to the subject of the journal;

- the manuscript has not been published before (multifold and repeated publication is not allowed);

- the manuscript is not considered for publication in another journal or publisher at the same time;

- the decision to publish is made by all authors (in case of co-authorship);

- the text is the work of authorship, and meets the criteria of scientific novelty and academic quality;

- the work is designed in accordance with the "Requirements for manuscripts".



The author presents to the editorial office separate files:

- the manuscript is drawn up according to the requirements;

- information about the author(-s) in Russian and English with the following data: surname, name, patronymic (in full); academic degree, academic title; position and place of work/study without abbreviations; e-mail address; contact phone number;

- the completed form of the publication agreement signed by the author (in case of co-authorship, each of the authors signs a separate form);

- signing the agreement form, the author thereby permits the open publication of his materials, as well as their editing, which does not distort the meaning of the work;

- anonymous file for double-blind peer review (in the text it is required to remove all information about the author and the organization in which he works).


The listed files must be named in the Latin script:

- the manuscript: Surname of author_text.doc (Petrov_text.doc), in the case of co-authorship, the name of the first author.

- information about the author(-s): Surname of author_author.doc (Petrov_author.doc).

- the form of the publication agreement: Surname of author_agreement.doc (Petrov_agreement.doc).

- anonymous file: the first word of the title of the work in Latin transcription (e.g. Problema.doc).


All received materials are checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, the material is rejected without the right to re-submit, and the author himself is included in the list of researchers whose materials are not subject to publication in the journal.


The order of publication of materials is determined by the date of their admission to the journal. Works devoted to particularly topical issues, as well as containing fundamentally new information, can be published out of order by the decision of the editorial board. The editorial board does not enter into a meaningful discussion with the authors about articles and opinions of reviewers, doesn’t correspond on the methods of writing and design of works, and is not engaged in bringing the articles to the required research and methodological level.